Dr. Lanre Salami
MB, BS. Lagos, RMT

Dr. Lanre Salami is a medical graduate and practiced medicine for 12 years before turning his attention to Massage Therapy. As a result, he brings a unique perspective and rare expertise to the profession. Since 1994 Dr. Salami has had a profound influence on the development of orthopaedic massage and its role as a complementary modality alongside allopathic medicine.

Over the last two decades Dr. Salami’s contributions to the Massage Therapy profession in Alberta have been numerous; In 1995 he was a founding member and inaugural president of the Alberta Registered Massage Therapists Society, where he participated in the development of a competency based massage therapy training curriculum. At this time, he was also actively involved in the development of the first psychometrically validated examination ever published for Massage Therapists. In 1996 he began providing orthopaedic assessment seminars across the country in hopes of spreading his message of the importance of assessment in massage practice. Until 1997 he acted as the Academic Director and Instructor of Orthopaedic Assessment, Advanced Massage Techniques, and Pathology at Northwestern School of Massage and Orthopaedic Institute.

From 1997 to 2015 Dr. Salami was an instructor at Mount Royal University, developing and teaching classes such as: Pathology, Orthopaedic Assessment, Advanced Massage Techniques, and integrated studies.

Currently Dr. Salami is a senior instructor at Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese medicine, where he co-developed the current massage therapy programme along with Dr. Xia Cheng. He is also the Director of Orthopaedic Massage Consultants, a remedial massage clinic in Northwest Calgary. On the weekends Dr. Salami teaches “The Professional Series” a seminar series developed to aid existing Registered Massage Therapists in incorporating Orthopaedic Assessment and Orthopaedic Massage into their own practice.

Kristi-Lynn Mitchell

Kristi-Lynn Mitchell graduated top of her class from the Mount Royal University Massage Therapy program in 2007 and has advanced credits in a university health science degree program.

Since that time, she has studied and practiced orthopedic massage under the direction of Dr. Lanre Salami. She has 7 years experience teaching orthopedic assessment and advanced massage techniques.

Kristi-Lynn has a successful practice at Orthopaedic Massage Consultants, is the acting registrar and secondary instructor for “The Orthopaedic Approach for Massage Therapists”, and currently teaches at The Canadian institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine.